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lady of the month


I met Kelly 37 years ago from today, when she was born, because…she’s my littlest sister! It’s her birthday today! We didn’t always get along.… Read More »Kelly


One of the fun things about my Lady of the Month project is surprising someone who is not expecting this at all. Cheron and I… Read More »Cheron


Marissa is another person I have not seen in a million years but should know that I admire her. We met in the theatre department… Read More »Marissa


Phew! Another late one.  This time, for March, I picked another old, Chicago friend, whitney. I also got to meet up with on my trip to Portland!… Read More »whitney

Anna & Ali

There are so many ladies who I think are incredible, and I’ve been having a very hard time narrowing it down to just 48 portraits.… Read More »Anna & Ali