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The Art of Mindy Fisher » News » Magic Spills at Scavenger Gallery

Magic Spills at Scavenger Gallery

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Friday, June 21st I will be displaying a selection of my Magic Spills at Scavenger Gallery in White River Junction, Vermont. Scavenger Gallery is the home of Stacy Hopkins Jewelry. Stacy thought these colorful, playful pieces would be a great way to kick off summer.

Here is the mission statement for the show:

My ongoing “Magic Spill” series came about as a self-inflicted challenge. My abstract artworks take months or years to complete. Why not invent a process that allows me to create a painting in a day or less? Stripping the palette down to five colors and keeping the background white allowed me to accomplish this goal. This method produces quirky, alien-like forms that play with negative space. Several thin layers of gouache create a flat, matte finish with super-saturated colors. One of the most gratifying and often hilarious aspects of sharing these paintings is hearing what onlookers see. I encourage collectors to hang these in any orientation they choose.


Scavenger Gallery
41 S. Main St, White River Junction, Vermont
Friday June 21st, 5:30-7PM

Abstract painting presented in a magnetic scroll frame
Gouache painting with brown, mint and red paint
Magic Spill #23 – 2021 Acryla-Gouache on Canvas Paper