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Small Group Classes & Workshops

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I am now offering small group, or private classes and workshops at my studio in Bellows Falls, Vermont. My teaching style is very hands-off. Guiding students to find their own style, no matter how wonky, is where I find the fun. I have been told that I offer an encouraging space for students to explore their creativity, especially for those who may have little experience with art, or feel timid and don’t know where to begin.


In the past I have teamed up with other art studios and organizations to offer classes such as pet portraits and cartooning. If any students would like to explore abstract art I am very interested in providing that too.

Because my studio is quite small and minimalist I will only be offering classes that utilize gouache paint, or basic drawing supplies.

Here are some examples of workshops I have taught in the past:

  • Pop Art Pet Portraits – Students work on an 8×8 ready-to-hang panel to paint a portrait of their favorite furry, feathered or scaled friend. This project can be completed in 2-4 hours. Materials fee is around $10.
  • Mess Around With Abstract Art – Work on stretched or unstretched canvas to play around with different painting techniques. This is a great way to get used to working with gouache. Materials fee is around $20.
  • Comic Jam Workshops – This one is recommended for a group of 3-4 (the more people the better). Students collaborate on comic strips by drawing a panel and passing the page to their partner. Final results are usually quite hilarious. This class focuses more on ideas than quality drawing. Stick figures encouraged. Materials Fee is $5.

Note – if you are looking for other types of art classes that I don’t offer, let me know and I can see if I can accommodate, or provide possible recommendations to other organizations that provide what you are looking for.

Class Sizes & Rates

My studio can fit up to four people comfortably. As of 2022 I am charging a rate of $75/hour (2-hour minimum) plus a materials fee per person/per project. The materials fee will depend on the size panel or canvas we work from and usually ranges from $10-$20 per project.


You can choose between a one-off workshop or recurring class. I find two hours to be just about what most peoples attention spans can handle in a day. Anything less than that would probably disrupt any kind of flow.

It is possible to complete a painting in that amount of time, but don’t expect a masterpiece. Even I don’t finish a painting that fast. If you are scheduling a one-off 2-hour workshop, keep your expectations on the high side for fun and the low side for quality. If you want to take your time for a quality finished product consider booking an all day workshop, or a recurring class spread out over 3-4 days (can be weekly or biweekly).

To inquire about scheduling a workshop or classes please fill out this form. Once I receive the form I will review my schedule, and let you know what the final rate will be, payment types and other details (cancellations, rescheduling, etc).