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Vermont Open Studio

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Each year the Vermont Crafts Council encourages artists from all over the state to participate in open studios. It’s a fun event for those who want to take an adventurous day trip to Vermont, explore the state, and learn about the artists who live here. This year the event is happening the last weekend of May.

My studio will be open, with fellow local artist Jean Cannon next door, plus four other studios right here in Bellows Falls. Visitors are welcome to look at or purchase original artworks, prints, and stickers. My plan is to have a few pieces in the works to demonstrate my process and show what goes into each painting. The great thing about Bellows Falls is that there is a plethora of coffee shops and restaurants where you can stop for a snack too.

If you are interested in exploring other parts of Vermont, you are in luck. The Vermont Crafts Council set up several maps to guide visitors to loops that could be visited in one day. My location is in loop #10, with #11 very close too.