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Katrina aka Circus Girl

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I miss this woman! I met Katrina during my college years in the Theatre Department at Columbia College. I didn’t really get to know her until my last year when we worked in the scene shop together. I was always very shy and quiet and she was/is the opposite of that. I remember that once we started working toghether on scenic projects our bosses would comment on how well we worked togehter, that we were like a ying and yang. I remember we working on some pieces for “Our Contry’s Good” and I needed a maidenhead for a ship. We were having trouble shaping her body so we used my bra to shape her boobs since Katrina wasn’t wearing one. 

Now she lives in Oklahoma with her family and I live in Vermont, but I appreciate that I am able to connect through social media. I love reading her point of view on current issues. She is very compassionate and smart and full of life. I think this painting accentuates her badassness. 

PS – This is my July Lady of the Month. Yes. I’m late again. I’m late with August too. Will I ever be able to turn this around? We shall see. I do have the next three finished and scanned…now it’s just a matter of posting ’em.