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I met Kelly 37 years ago from today, when she was born, because…she’s my littlest sister! It’s her birthday today! We didn’t always get along. There are stories of us chasing each other with knives when my parents were away and I recall a time when I tortured her with some joke store fart perfume (called Ocean Breeze) that she bought because she stole a sweater, or our family would pose her in funny positions when she fell asleep in the car, because we could and she wouldn’t wake up. I do love my sister and admire her for her independence, outgoingness, and adventurousness. She is also an amazing mom to the best niece ever. Kelly is also very talented at her career in cosmetology and she owns a pretty great salon in Keene, NH (HairSpa of Keene). Finally I would like to say we get along now.