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About Magic Spills

The “Magic Spills” series was created as a challenge. Normally one of my abstract paintings take months or years to complete. I wanted to complete each of these paintings in a day or less. 

In order to accomplish this I decided to stick with palettes that contained 3-5 colors max. Each color paint is applies in 3-4 layers to achive a high level of saturation. Playing with negative space, spontaneous forms, and color experimentations create funny and open-to-interpreation scenarios. 

One reason I wanted to create this series was so that I could offer accessible art. Because I know these take less than 8 hours to create, I can offer them at a lower price point. Each of these paintings is under $300, making them affordable and attainable.

They are a sure way to brighten up any space, be it an apartment, haunted house or dorm room. 

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