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A New Mural!

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Earlier this year my local food co-op hired me to design and paint a mural for their produce department. I was excited to create a cheerful addition to their space. They requested that the scene include elements that showcased our regions agricultural landscape.

The final piece measures 24-inches tall by 144-inches wide (2×12). I split up the composition into three parts. This way each panel could be separated and hung in different areas of the store, if needed.

As I designed the mural, I took field trip around town to collect reference photos. Mt. Ascutney, Wellwood Orchards, the Springweather Nature Trail and a barn on Brockway Mills all received visits from me while I designed. Once the final proposal was approved I purchased materials and painted away.

The first proposed sketch created with a surreal color palette. The co-op wanted something a little more natural. Thanks to technology I was able to quickly recolor this sketch fairly quickly.

It took about a week and a half of work to create a proposal, draft a refined drawing for approval, gather materials, sketch, paint, varnish and attach hardware. However these individual tasks were spread out over several months. Are you interested in obtaining a mural from me? Get in touch!