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About Ornaglyphs

Ornaglyphs are a series of paintings I started creating a long, long time ago. I invented the word Ornaglyph by combining words from other languages. “Orna” is latin for bird and “glyph” refers to symbols that sort of resemble hieroglyphs. I was drawing a lot of birdlike creatures, and giving them dialogue bubbles that used this made-up language. 

Over time I started incorporating my creatures and Ornaglyphs into abstract expressionist pieces. These paintings usually start with splashes of watered down gouache, then I may add Ornaglyphs or alien-like forms. I keep layering and layering, using thin translucent applications of acryla-gouache or dye, spray paint and paint markers. This process creates a multidimensional world on a pretty flat surface. At first glance you might not notice what is behind the forefront. 

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