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12”x16” Custom Gouache Painting


These medium-sized commissioned paintings (12-inch by 16-inch) are a fun way to punch up a small space or can be purchased in a bundle to group together.

Get a quirky fun gift for a friend, family member, coworker, or yourself! Those who love bright colors and bold artwork that pops will appreciate commissions as gifts. I paint acryla-gouache in thin layers to get a flat, matte, super-saturated finish. Send me a reference photo of your subject matter, or let me know what you would like the theme to be. Family portraits, landscapes, or buildings work great on this size panel.

Custom portrait or painting requests are welcomed. 12”x16″ paintings are created on a  3/4″ heavy-duty, warp-resistant MDF that can be framed or hung as is. I paint the sides so that framing is optional. I use acryla-gouache paint and finish with a protective varnish. Lead time is about 30 days from the time you place your order.

Once you place your order you will need to email a photo, or several, of your subject. I like to work from simple, candid photos.

Extra custom options are available. Contact for pricing:

Alternate Color Palettes: You can choose preferred colors by picking from these swatches.

Alternate Surfaces: I can paint on nearly any type of surface. If you are looking for a larger size or would like your project painted on canvas, contact for pricing.

Other Info: I can fit one to six heads on a 12”x16” panel. No refunds accepted for custom paintings.

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