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Original 12×16 framed painting.

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All paintings in my abstract Ornaglyph series come from spontaneous, stream-of-conscious methods. Usually each piece is started with quickly made marks such as blobs, squiggles or puddles. From there I start building up layers, creating a chaotic, jumbled scene. I typically work with thin layers of paint, playing off the trans-lucidity and ultra saturated colors of acryla-gouache. My aim with these pieces is to provide a scene of a newly invented world where the looker will find something new with each viewing. It’s a lot of fun to hear what people see.

This piece was painted with acryla-gouache on canvas paper, and is unframed.

I had been challenged to create a monochromatic, black and white piece for a group show, and made this in addition to that piece, because it was so much fun to work with this palette. This one can be hung in any orientation you would like.

Artwork Dimensions: 12″x16″