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Magic Spill #4 Gouache Painting


Playing with interesting shapes, negative space and limited color palettes is the basis for each Magic Spill. Each is an original painting and created in less than a day.

These blobby paintings bring Ornaglyphs into a semi-minimalist format. Instead of taking months or years to finish a painting I wanted to create something I could complete in two days or less. Here I can experiment with different color palettes, and play with negative space too. I layer up the acryla-gouache to get an ultra-saturated finish. These look like screen-prints, but they are painted by hand.

Magic Spills can be ordered without a frame, or upgrade to include a simple white frame with plexiglass (less likely to break during shipment).

I use push pin shaped magnets to hang the unframed pieces on the tin walls of my studio.

Size: 16X20 inches
Medium: Acryla-Gouache
Surface: Canvas Paper

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