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Colorful, original artwork created from upcycled materials. Affordable and sustainable tiny art for your collection.

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Last year I was gifted a giant roll of upholstery canvas that was headed for a landfill. I’ve been painting on large and small pieces of it, to use up some of my supply stash before I buy more. Often times I trim these paintings down to fit on stretcher bars or inside a frame. This results in left over scraps that are just too fun to waste. I collect small frames from thrift stores and yard sales to put these remnants in. Sometimes I’ll add a few more details if I think it will benefit the cropped composition.

Each of these paintings is created on an upholstery grade twill and comes in a random, pre-loved frame. Paint used may include acryla-gouache, spray paint, acrylic, and dye. Also, they can be hung in any orientation that suits you. I find rotating the image will result in discovering new things.

This painting is approximately 4″ wide by 6″ high (unframed). Frame dimensions for Remnants vary.



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