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New Pattern on Spoonflower

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I’ve been slowing down on my pattern design production, but that’s only because I’ve been so busy with painting and showing my art. I’m going to aim to create 2-4 patterns a month. I’d rather take my time and produce high-quality designs that are based off of my paintings instead of jumping on every contest Spoonflower hosts. I’m glad I took some time to really get into it and learn how to use Affinity Designer though.

I have decided to enter the current artist challenge on spoonflower. For this challenge I decided to submit a design based off of one of my abstract paintings. I spent about a week creating vector motifs from this painting.

Then an evening was spent arranging these motifs into a repeating composition. The theme for the challenge Party Wall calls for a festive wallpaper design. I didn’t feel like the subdued blues and peaches fit the mood, so I swapped out the colors for mostly saturated warm tones. It’s trippy and weird and I love it. I might work on other variations using this collection of motifs at some point.

Voting for this challenge is happening now. Usually there are 1000+ designs to pick from, and they are randomized, so I don’t hold anyone to voting for my stuff. I think it’s fun to browse through all the submissions and vote for my favorites since there is no limit. But if you feel a strong urge to support me here one trick is to hit ctrl F and search for ornaglyphology on each page until you find me. Usually there’s 20+ pages of submissions!

If you’d like to check out all of my designs you can click this link to see what I have available. Spoonflower sells a wide range of fabric, wallpaper along with pre-made home decor items if you don’t want to DIY things like curtains, pillows, or tablecloths.