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The Art of Mindy Fisher » News » Spoonflower Challenge – Leap Year Frogs

Spoonflower Challenge – Leap Year Frogs

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As I learn about surface pattern design I’ll be entering some of the challenges over at Spoonflower. Last month was my first entry for their Forest Biome challenge. I placed 519 out of around 1,600 entries, so not bad for my first time.

They run about two of these each month, so I entered the leap frog challenge. I encourage people to vote for their favorites. I went through all the designs and voted for about 50 that I thought were quite adorable. My design is simple in theme, just some frogs on lily pads. I was going for a tropical shirt style and I think it turned out fun. I used the opportunity to learn how to draw vectors. I’m noticing my favorite designs have more of a hand-painted look, so I might incorporate elements from my paintings into future designs.

The images below show what the pattern looks like as it is repeating. Included are some coordinates I created from the same color palette. I originally drew the flies to be part of the main pattern, but felt that would start getting too busy. Then I created a repetitive abstract blobby piece that kind of looks like some kind of flower bud.

samples of a mini collection for spoonflowers leap year frog challenge

Plus, once I was done with everything I thought it would be fun to lay out a cut and sew design. This layout fits on one yard of 56″ wide fabric. From this one piece of fabric you can get three pillows (two frogs, one fly), or you could get six if you put a different fabric on the back of each one! I added some lotus flowers and small frogs to the background because I thought maybe those scraps could be used in some way. I may order a yard at some point and make these pillows to have on display at my studio.

You can find this cut-n-sew fabric in my Frog Party collection here.