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I know it’s November, I’m a little behind on my blog. Working in an office means the last thing I feel like doing in my spare time is spending time on my laptop…so here we are. Better late than never I suppose…

Elisha is my October Lady of the Month! One of the fun things about this project is that there are going to be some random people who I surprise with a portrait who are not going to expect it. Elisha is one of those people. We don’t actually know each other and have never really exchanged words. We started following each other on social media a long, long time ago. I think I was researching various galleries awhile back and found Nowhere Gallery. When I saw the collages Elisha was creating I was blown away. There is this jarring creepiness which is also beautiful, especially with the latest paintings she has been creating. Visit Elisha Sarti’s website here.