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I met Lillian a very long time ago. We worked together in a work study at Columbia College Chicago, in the Math and Science Department, along with our friend Tawasha. We didn’t usually have too many tasks to accomplish, so Lillian, Tawasha, myself and some of the other work study students would hang out and chat while doing homework. I remember Lillian was very interested in making hats and drawing. I have been admiring her posts about boxing and noticed how healthy and strong she is, and it makes me feel motivated to start an exercise regime after being such a couch potato for way too long. She is simply badass, and also kind, creative and thoughtful. I miss working with both her and Tawasha and feel lucky that we had a chance to bond. 

If you want to check out Lillians work you can follow her on instagram. She is also selling these cool boxing related enamel pins, I have the one on the left and it’s even better in person.