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The Art of Mindy Fisher » News » Josi – April 2019

Josi – April 2019


Back in the early 2000’s I picked up crocheting for fun after getting a tupperware container full of old yarn. I started with a pattern for vintage slippers, got bored once I got the gist of the process. Using the skills I learned I started making little plush creatures and hats. During that time I was exploring LiveJournal and stumbled upon a crochet group where I met Josi. She happened to live in Chicago so we met up shortly after and became friends pretty much instantly. Anytime I would visit we would end up having six plus hour long conversations and/or collaborate on some creative projects. I loved hearing her insight on the creative process, politics, Chicago history, her neighborhood, etc. Josi is also an excellent cook and photographer.

I just visited her website and noticed that she has her super collection of her patterns on sale for $19.95. If you are a crocheter you should definitely treat yourself: