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November News

Today I decided to spend a full day at the studio to take care of the boring administrative stuff that I never get around to doing. Right now I am scanning all of the Lady of the Month portraits that I have been slacking on posting since April. The thing is I unexpectadly lost a very close friend in March to an unknown cause. It was and still is devastating.

For the rest of the year I have been giving myself a break and just doing the things that I feel like doing (lots of painting) and letting everything else fall to the wayside. Even doing the things I want to do is sometimes a struggle. Anything involving a computer is nearly impossible for me to focus on. The most I can manage is to do is inconsistently put together half-assed instagram posts or email blasts.

But, I am taking care of business today! I am scanning small stuff and took photos of all of my newly completed paintings. My plan was to get a bunch of paintings on my website for sale…but I forgot my camera cord, so that is going to have to wait until I can feign interest in my computer again.

I am offering a coupon code for commissioned portraits. Free shipping on any order placed by 11/13/19 using coupon code SHIPIT19. Any orders for commissions placed after that date will not be completed until after 1/1/20.

The next BF3F is this Friday, 11/15/19, from 5pm to 8pm, the studio will be open to the public.

If that time is inconvenient contact me to make an appointment for a studio visit. I do have a dayjob and am typically available nights and weekeneds.