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Michelle – May 2019

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Here I am trying to catch up….I have nine paintings to post before the year ends…so I am going to try to get one up every day.

Michelle is my oldest little sister, the middle child of my family. Michelle and I have always had a good connection, although we have also had our fair share of fights when we were young. We shared similar interests growing up and she was my closest friend in highschool. Michelle is an incredible upholsterer and artist and has a funny sense of humor. The other day I was thinking of a fight we had while on a hiking trip with friends of our family. It was the end of the day and we were hanging out, waiting for dinner. She asked me to punch her. She continuosly poked me saying “punch me, punch me!”. She wouldn’t stop. I tried to be patient but finally gave her what she wanted and punched her in the face. One of the parents gave me this unapproving and shocked look. They couldn’t fathom how I could have been so violent and abusive. She ran off crying. 30 minutes later she comes out of the bathroom with a black eye. I felt horrible because I didn’t want to punch her in the first place, but I snapped. I think I cried. Turns out she just put eyeshadow on her face and it was very convincing. I’m not gonna lie, I was kind of embarrassed that it wasn’t a real bruise. I’m a wimpy wimp.