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Tina – June 2019

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My cousin Tina is so awesome. She has the best sense of humor, super silly and fun. When we were growing up her family lived on a lake. When we would visit them in the summer we would go swimming off their little beach area down the road. Tina’s mom had a small rowboat we once took out to the middle of the lake. There were motor boats that were speeding by and we thought it would be fun to “ride the waves” so we paddled over to them. Someone was sitting in the front of the boat and the nose dipped down below a wave and water rushed in. We were panicking and laughing as we attempted to splash the water out with our hands….but each time a wave reached us the nose of the boat would dip again. We didn’t have much time before the boat was going to completely sink. Some kayakers noticed our connundrum and dragged the row boat back to her dock. We were laughing so, so hard. That experience was both terrifying and hilarious. Normally I would have probably just panicked, but Tina kept cracking jokes. I miss her.