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Whew, just made it by a hair to post February’s Lady of the Month: Sally Cruikshank! I’ve never met Sally but I’ve been an admirer of her animations for a long time…perhaps even since I was a kid since she used to create animations for Sesame Street. When I was first reintroduced to her work I felt like we were on a similar wave length even though our styles are different. Sally’s work inspired me to take a stab at animation myself once (I don’t have the patience for that art form). If you are now intrigued and want to see what she does go to her Etsy shop and pick up a copy of her DVD. She also is selling original paintings and cells from her animations. I bought a cell from Quasi at the Quackadero which is now hanging in my home.

This painting was started nearly a year ago when I attended Vermont Artists Week at The Vermont Studio Center! I had it mostly done then decided it was too bland for Sally, so kept adding, and adding and adding some more to it. This is probably my busiest background yet, but I think it is fitting for this piece.