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In Very Exciting News….

Last month I signed a lease on a storefront studio space in Bellows Falls, Vermont. This is huge because I will have so much more room to paint while also being visible to the public. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a space for awhile and when this opened up I had to move fast. This means that I do not have all of the details ironed out as to how exactly I am going to run the space. As of now I am happily working on about 16 paintings and the rest of the puzzle will fall into place later. I am open to scheduled studio visits and also welcome random visitors when I am working (typically a couple nights a week and occasional weekends until I am making enough to quit the day job).

The studio is on 7 Canal Street in Bellows Falls, VT. The building where my studio resides is part of The Exner Block which is focused on providing artists and creative folks affordable housing and studio space. How cool is that? I am open by chance or appointment. To make an appointment you can email me or text or leave a message at 802-591-2329.