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Workshops & Classes

Want to get in touch with your creative side, but feel a little stuck or not so sure where to start? Consider taking an art workshop at Ornaglyphology. I provide a welcoming space, materials, and an encouraging, fun approach to get you painting away. My studio is small and minimalist, so I focus on using acryla-gouache.

Right now I can be hired for private workshops for individuals or groups. I am not planning on scheduling one-off events on my own for at least a couple months. Join my newsletter (form at bottom of page) if you’d like to be notified when I do. 

Private Workshops

Hire me for private art workshops if you would like to get a group of your friends or family together, or if you want a one-on-one experience. I can also host workshops for local businesses. 

My current in-studio rate is $75/hour with a two hour minimum, plus a materials fee per person (usually around $10). The materials fee will depend on panel or canvas size used. This option is limited to 5 people. 

It is possible to set up workshops in your home, business, or other location. Pricing will depend on the distance from Bellows Falls, Vermont. Fill out the form below for a quote.

Subject matter can be anything you want….pet portraits, people portraits, landscapes, still-life’s, or abstract expressionism. 

Recommended Workshops

Pop Art Pet Portraits

In this class students work from a reference photo to create a unique piece of their favorite furry, feathered, or scaled best friend. Each student will work on a ready-to-hang 8×8 panel with paint and brushes provided by Ornaglyphology. Mindy will go over making an initial sketch how to design a color palette, color blocking and underpainting, outlining and finishing touches. 

This is a great class for any skill level. Ages 7+. 


When: April 28th, 2024 11-1:30 pm
Where: 11 Canal Street, Bellows Falls, Vermont
Cost: $50

Seats to this workshop are limited to 5 attendees. 

Paint This Mess Around – Abstract Painting Workshop

In this 2.5 hour workshop attendees are invited to explore painting in a truly spontaneous way. Mindy will guide everyone through some of the techniques she uses to create her chaotic and trippy abstract pieces. We’ll talk about how to start a painting, how to choose color, various painting techniques, and some things you can do when things seem to go awry.

This will be a great class for anyone who is interested in trying out acryla-gouache and wants to dip their toes into creativity through a welcoming environment. 


When: April 28th, 2024 3-5:30 pm
Where: 11 Canal Street, Bellows Falls, Vermont
Cost: $50

Seats to this workshop are limited to 5 attendees. 

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What is Acryla-Gouache? 

Gouache is a water-based paint, very similar to watercolors, but opaque. Unlike watercolors, the hybrid acryla-gouache does not get reactivated if water or other layers of paint are applied after it dries. This very forgiving paint makes it easy to layer and fix mistakes. Plus, the pigments are ultra-saturated and dry in an attractive matte finish. 

Who should take these classes and workshops? 

Anyone who wants to explore their creativity! My approach is hands off. Workshops are short, so I am not going to teach you all of the fundamentals of drawing and painting. Instead I demonstrate my approach and students can pick and choose what techniques they want to use. I’ve had people of all ages take my classes and so far they have been very exciting.